Welcome to GrassrootsUnity.org!

“The grassroots are the conscience of our nation working selflessly as volunteers to mend both the fraying edges and the core of our society where justice has broken down. Our call is not only to continue to organize in our individual areas of concern but also to reach out to other grass roots groups for greater support. E Pluribus Unum. Out of the many one. United we stand. We must reinvigorate our people to make their vote count for justice once again.”

-from the original grassrootsunity.org, which ran from 2002 to 2009…


One of Grassroots Unity’s main points of focus in its current iteration will be continuing to introduce the Grassroots Unity Flag to a wider audience and moving towards getting it into production and available to the public for use at grassroots events and actions. Proceeds from the sales of Grassroots Unity flag-related items will go to a nonprofit foundation that will channel all of its funds towards organizations working to enact electoral reform.

The continued progress of the grassroots movements is the continued progress of the nation.


A Grassroots Unity flag
A Grassroots Unity flag